I hate drawing celebrities/actors/singers. It goes against everything I love about drawing. But Jordan Peele’s face made me want to try a quick portrait with madewithpaper. Original photograph by Peter Hapak.

My keys, that I have drawn a dozen times. It never seems to get old.
Pigma Micron 05 and watercolor in my Stillman & Birn sketchbook at the diner.

My 5-year old’s right sneaker. There’s no pencil pre-sketch in my sketchbooks. It’s all about capturing life with the pen, fast, and too bad for screw-ups. Those WILL happen. Pigma Micron 08 and watercolor in Stillman & Birn sketchbook.

Christina Pirog + France Van Stone = Pistone Vanrog.

Oh what a surprise. Yet another view of our coffee table. catpets-yes, your book holds a pretty triumphant spot.

The constant chaos that is our coffee table. Because sketching what’s right in front of me is often all I can squeeze in at the end of a day.
I just wrote my first book about juggling life, work, motherhood and still making time to doodle. It’s called Sketch! and it is out Nov. 4.

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Quiz on classroom requests for my French 2 classes. Quiz on classroom requests for my French 2 classes.

Life’s little stolen sketching moments: doodling on the diner receipt while your kid finishes her chocolate ice cream.


Quick bedtime sketch.

And that’s about all the time I had for sketching.

My left thumb.  

You sit down, wonder what to draw, and are suddenly reminded you have a left hand.  Bic pen on Xerox paper.  



Canal with Bridge and Women Washing, 1888

Vincent Van Gogh

2 days of camping and just a few minutes of sketching.
Pigma Micron and watercolor in Stillman & Birn sketchbook.