Wear something orange while you can. 

Pigma Micron 05 pen and colored pencil in sketchbook.

Pilot pen V7 and colored pencil in Moleskine.


Pilot pen V7 and colored pencil in Moleskine.

The nth view of the living room. Not too finished. For more on why we draw, why we don’t and why we make excuses, there’s SKETCH!


Sometimes, doodles, sketches and what have you overlap.

A few minutes worth of quick sketches on the back of a photocopy during today’s faculty meeting. The ink of the insanely comfortable Mont Blanc 149 flows in generous amounts, buckling the cheap paper — and I love that. Talk about improvising your support. This is a topic I tackle in my book: don’t be ceremonious about sketching. Grab what’s at hand and finish… or not. At least try to experience the process of sketching for a few minutes a day, albeit squeezed during a meeting.

You can pre-order Sketch! now.

Sharpie and white gel pen boxer named Gromit on bubble envelope, about to ship to alisonwritesinwordpad!

Never mind the outcome, sometimes I have to get the Pencil on Paper by fiftythreenyc .

Shamelessly avoiding to draw hair.
Maya Angelou with fiftythreenyc's Paper & Pencil.

Test-drawing my 27-year old MontBlanc 149 in my sketchbook.

I hate drawing celebrities/actors/singers. It goes against everything I love about drawing. But Jordan Peele’s face made me want to try a quick portrait with madewithpaper. Original photograph by Peter Hapak.

My keys, that I have drawn a dozen times. It never seems to get old.
Pigma Micron 05 and watercolor in my Stillman & Birn sketchbook at the diner.

My 5-year old’s right sneaker. There’s no pencil pre-sketch in my sketchbooks. It’s all about capturing life with the pen, fast, and too bad for screw-ups. Those WILL happen. Pigma Micron 08 and watercolor in Stillman & Birn sketchbook.

Christina Pirog + France Van Stone = Pistone Vanrog.

Oh what a surprise. Yet another view of our coffee table. catpets-yes, your book holds a pretty triumphant spot.